Kadri Simson

From the centre party in Estonia, she has served as European Commissioner for Energy since 2019. Before that she served as minister of economic affairs in Estonia. As well as chairwoman of the centre party fraction, for many years.

Timmy Dooley

From Fianna Fáil in Ireland, he has served as a member of the Irish senate since 2020. Before that he served and earlier term as senator in 2002. Also serving as a member of the Irish parliament from the County Clare constituency. And ofcourse after his election in 2022 has served as Co-President of the ALDE Party.

Rob Jetten

The party leader of D66 in the Netherlands, Rob Jetten has served as Minister of Climate and Energy since 2022. Before that he served as head of the D66 fraction in the Dutch Parliament, all at only 36 years old.

Phil Benion

Form the liberal democrats in the UK, he served as a member of the European parliament for the West Midlands constituency. As well as this he served on the local councils of Lichfield district and Staffordshire county. 

Juris Pūce

From the Latvijas attīstībai party in Latvia, Juris Pūce has served as Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia. Earlier also serving as state secretary of the ministry of economics. As well as before that being a deputy of the Latvian parliament.

Jack Chambers

From Fianna Fáil in Ireland, Jack Chambers is the Irish Minister of state for the department of transport as well as Environment, Climate and Communications. Before this he served as minister of state for the departments of Defence and the departments of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media. He also served as Government Chief Whip. 

Marius Skuodi

An independent politician from Lithuania, he serves as minister of Transport and Communications of Lithuania. Before this he served as Deputy Minister for Economy and Innovation of Lithuania.

Jose Ramon Bauza

From the Partido de la Ciudadanía, Jose Ramon Buaza serves as a member of the European parliament since 2019. Before this he served as senator in Spain. As well as serving as president of the Balearic Islands.

Liana Gouta

After serving on the board of eFuel Alliance Since, she since 2023 now serves as the Director General at FuelsEurope & Concawe. In addition to she sits on many boards of directors as well as chairing the Downstream committee at the institute of energy for south – East Europe. 

Jeremy Rollison

For the 9+ years Jeremy Rollison, has worked at Microsoft first as Director and later senior director for European government affairs. Now he serves as Microsoft Head of EU policy, and European Government affairs.  

Lindsay McQuade

After serving as CEO of ScottischPower Renewables, today Lndsay McQuade served as the Director of Energy EMEA, at Amazon.